A downloadable game for Windows

Created for a local university game jam in Summer 2016!

Move with WASD; jump with SPACE!

You can activate a booster by pressing SPACE again while in the air; the booster is also controlled with WASD. You can't boost forever (about ~6 seconds or so), so be careful...the boost replenishes when you land. (I was trying to learn from Cave Story.)

Escape the waves from the left, and the waters below, and get to the cave exit on the far right to win! Be careful; the waves start slow, but speed up over time!

(Note that the game will simply close when you win, or when you lose for that matter...I really should implement actual win/lose screens...)

Published Nov 12, 2016
Tagsboost, cave, jumping

Install instructions

Grab the standalone .exe and give it a push~


tidal_rush.exe 40 MB

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