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An OrcaJam2016 production!

You play the role of an in-training witch who attempted a summoning ritual bigger than her head. Now you are trapped within your own summoning circle, and the demon you summoned is attempting to send you to the Netherworld in its' stead! Trap imps in magic gems and use those gems to crack the magic circle's mystical code, and reclaim your freedom! (And then try the ritual again, of course...)

8-direction spell targeting; WASD

"Banish imp" projectile; J

"Capture imp (in gem)" projectile: K

Shoot a gem; Y (blue), U (red), I (green), O (purple)

Test socketed gems (once all 8 sockets are filled); SPACE

Capture red imps for red gems, blue imps for blue gems, etc.

Your goal is to shoot the correct gem colours into the correct gem slots in the magic circle around you, while protecting yourself from the enemy imps. Only one gem colour works for each slot; gem slots will turn pale blue and yellow when slotted, and will change to the correct gem colour when solved. Capture those imps, use your gems wisely, and break the code before the black shadow demon on the right of the screen escapes your grasp!

(Note that the mysterious black gem type is not implemented in the current version, so don't worry about it too much...I look forward to revisiting this game and fixing up its' clunky-ness sometime. :P )

Install instructions

Grab the standalone.exe and give it a spin~


thedevilshour.exe 2 MB

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